La Truffe Sauvage - The Wild Truffle
Fine Dining Restaurant in LouisianaAll Desserts are made from scratch by our expert staff
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Housemade Desserts

Frozen Nougat with Dried Fruit & Toasted Nuts 10.50
crisp almonds & walnuts folded in a honey mousse with dried figs, currants & tart cherries

White Chocolate Crème Brûlée 9.50
traditional French custard with a crisp caramel shell

Housemade Lemon Gelato & Toasted Meringue 10.50
decadent lemon ice cream topped with creamy meringue

Chef’s Assortment of Imported Cheese 12.50
choice of 2 or 4 cheeses, with toasted French Baguette & butter
Montrachet - soft, tangy cheese made from goat’s milk
Gruyere - a nutty, distinctive Swiss cheese without the holes
Roquefort - creamy-rich texture, pungent & piquant
Gorgonzola - rich and creamy blue, with a savory, slightly pungent flavor

Housemade Sorbets 9.50
a perfect finale to dinner without the guilt of dessert!

Soufflé of the evening 10.50 per person
please allow 30 minutes

Specialty Desserts & Wedding Cakes available